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In a crowded marketplace, how do you make sure that your new venture even gets noticed?

We know that budgets are tight in the early days of a business. You want a look that you’re excited to share on Facebook, on leaflets, in your shop window. You want a look that shows your customers you mean business, right from the start.

In the fast scrolling world of social media, inconsistent branding and copycat logos get lost in the noise. No matter which industry you’re starting out in, looking professional from the beginning is a necessity.

You need a bespoke and unique logo made just for you, recognisable at a glance. It will convey the values and goals you want to present. And everywhere people look for you, on the internet, flyers, signs, they’ll trust that they’ve found what they’re looking for.

Our designers have years of experience designing brands, logos and websites. Let us save your precious time by getting it right first time... and the truth is we love doing it because we know how it can radically change the prospects of both new and established businesses

Some examples of start up projects...

Need a logo?

We’ve designed a branding package that suits a new venture. We’ll find out about you and your goals, and design a unique logo that reflects your ambition.

We’ll also set you up with designs for social media so you can be proud to start sharing about your new business straight away. With designs for business cards and a letterhead as well, you’ll be all set.

£600 (+VAT) 40% Discount

Need a website?

If we’ve already done the legwork with your branding, setting up a beautiful, professional brochure website is straightforward.

Remove the tech-based pain from your business planning. We’ll create a Wordpress website, optimised for search and easy to update by you, at an extra special price.

£1,000 (+VAT) 40% Discount

Thinking bigger?

We can help you with eCommerce, apps, brand values, tone of voice, signs, leaflets…

If you think we can help with any of the above, get in touch Call 01872 260023 or email