vitamin cornwall logo
furniss logo next to printed promotional material for traditional cornish biscuits
packaging design for cornish fairings showing different images from Cornwall, the packaging is shown in 4 different colours, blue, red, orange and brown
packaging design for westcountry fudge shown in 3 different colours, pink, green and orange
packaging design for rick stein oat biscuits shown in 3 different colours and variations, orange for davidstow cheese, green for biscuits with thyme, blue for oat biscuits with cornish sea salt


125 years in the baking

Furniss of Cornwall Ltd are a traditional biscuit manufacturer established in 1886 producing biscuits and cakes. Their main products including the famous Cornish Fairing biscuits, sell to tourists so that their core business was relatively seasonal.

The product line had expanded to over 90 different product lines mainly distributed throughout the South West to the tourism and souvenir markets. This huge range of biscuits meant that the company were competing with their own products for turnover and market share and the branding was looking tired.

We were approached to re-brand the Furniss packaging to allow the products to be sold nationwide, tapping into the lucrative Supermarket sector and reducing the seasonality of their core business.