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Bringing the nation up to speed

BDUK was an initiative set up by the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) to stimulate investment in the UK's broadband infrastructure in hard to reach and rural areas which were not covered by the commercial investment programme.

This Community Fibre Partnership website was created to help BT to provide coverage of fibre broadband across the UK by the end of 2017 to the last hard to reach 5% of the population not covered by existing roll-out plans. BT required a website that would serve as an information portal for these hardest to reach communities, giving news, case studies, availability checker, FAQ's, twitter feed, sign up forms and contact information.

The site was built as a microsite serving as a template for other regional BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK) areas to follow.

The site was launched in early April and in the first three months there were 10,000 visitors to the site and 7,000 line/postcode checks.

"Vitamin Cornwall (Creative Edge) have built a number of web sites and web applications for us over the past 3 years to support our fibre broadband marketing campaigns. The sites are highly useable, flexible and mobile-friendly. One of the applications has become a strategic application for our fibre business. We value Creative Edge for their development skills, agility, creative ingenuity and can-do approach."

Gary Mortensen-Barker
Head of Online Marketing, NGA
BT Group