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Foresters' Forest

Inspiring foresters to celebrate their heritage...

We were awarded a project to design and develop a website on behalf of the Forestry Commission. The Foresters' Forest is a lottery funded project whose aim is to encourage and inspire volunteers and young people to engage with activities in around The Forest of Dean and to raise awareness and participation in the built, natural and cultural heritage that makes the Forest so special.

We created an immersive website using rich imagery and smart mapping functionality that brings key projects to the users attention. An aggregated social feed also helps to give the projects an up-to-date feel.The website has been really successful in bringing the local community together and encouraging a dialogue about the importance of the Forest within the local area.

"Vitamin Cornwall (Creative Edge) have built a unique and inspiring website that brings to life the story of our programme in a fun and engaging way. Their creativity and expertise was invaluable, giving advice and direction to help shape a website that goes beyond words on a screen, but actually connects people and encourages them to get involved - our ultimate goal."

Sue Middleton, Foresters' Forest Heritage Lottery Funded Landscape Partnership Programme Manager